Three Quartz Moon

Three Quartz Moon is an all-faith metaphysical shop located in downtown New Port Richey. We are located at 5840 Main St, New Port Richey, FL.We offer a wide variety of crystals, oils, books, incense, Tarot & Oracle cards, herbs, and so much more!! Stop in to see us soon!

I started Three Quartz Moon in January of 2020. To say it is my soul child would be quite accurate. I have always been drawn to nature, rocks, the moon, and the metaphysical and mystickal realm. I have enjoyed sharing my love for these things with people in passing my whole life, and decided that was what I wanted to DO WITH my life.I am supported in this wonderful adventure by my husband, Jay, and my crazy awesome little son, Flynn. I am very lucky they both have a deep love and understanding for this realm as well. We are currently based in (much too sunny and hot) Florida.
I intend to help guide everyone I am able to on their journey through this life. Everything I carry in my shop is carefully considered and mentally hand picked. We try to have something for everyone, no matter their religious belief or background, as we are all in this together. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to offer a piece of my soul to you. Thank you for your support.
Blessed Be and Love & Light

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